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Just Stunned - Apparently there is "serious rape" and "other rape"

Can't believe this little gem from Ken Clarke:

See, I don't have any party political affiliation in the UK - I just base my vote on the issues that concern me. But allowing keeping someone like that within the party, let alone within government, makes me rethink my position.

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becky_black May 18th, 2011
He's very peculiar for a Tory Justice Secretary. He seems to want fewer people in prison. That's not gonna go down well on the Tory back benches. It's probably to save money.

Even if he, as he claims, didn't express what he was trying to say clearly enough, so gave people the wrong impression, well should government ministers (who in this case are ex trial lawyers!) not be able to make themselves understood clearly on important matters? What a clot.

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