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New username, new userhead, new profile pic, horribly trite standard layout. :) We'll see what (if anything) this does

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elin_gregory May 25th, 2011
I think it looks classy. And I like your little ninja-head too.

chris_smith_atr May 26th, 2011
Thanks dear - I've changed it to greenish now though, the other one scared me this morning when I looked at flist!

essayel May 26th, 2011
Green can be very calming *nods head wisely*.

:D use LJ's staid layouts and make up for it with sizzling content?

chris_smith_atr May 27th, 2011
Now THAT is pressure. *sizzles weakly, sputters, goes out* :P

becky_black May 25th, 2011
Whaddya mean, horribly trite? That's the one I'm using just now, it's one of my faves!

chris_smith_atr May 26th, 2011
LOL - it was the one (back in fandom days when it came out) that all OMG I IZ A SERIUZ WRITER BOW BEOFRE MY GLLOOOOOORRRYYY!!! ppl used, to show they were SERIUZ. Since then, I have had less than nice associations with it. Have changed it to something blocky and green, which also goes better with the PORTENOUS CHURCH.

(even without caffiene, I do capslock)

becky_black May 26th, 2011
I just like it because I like fountain pens. :D


chris_smith_atr May 27th, 2011
Fountain pens are brilliant.

Am pleased. Hopefully Portentous Church Portends Pickled Pilgrims (try saying that while squiffy)... or in other words, it portends writing. *pats portentous church*

norton_gale May 26th, 2011
Why the changes? Just curious.

chris_smith_atr May 26th, 2011
Need a bit of a shake-up, just too ploddy at the moment. As LJ world is one I do have *some* control over, figure I could implement something here. Also, lets me use the new portentous church icon. Hopefully that will get me writing story!

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