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On Hiatus


After much careful thought, and a thorough assessment of what I'm going to need to do over the next 2 years while as working full time and doing a rather intense part-time master's degree, I've decided to put all writing, with associated blogging and social networking, on hold to concentrate on making the most of the opportunities currently in front of me.

This does not mean that I will not be online. What it does mean is that I'm going to be creating new a work/life based blog (I already have the associated social media) which I will update as required.

Now some of you on this have been my friends (both online and IRL) since the year dot. I know that it may well be that these divergent ramblings will hold little to no interest to you. However, if you'd like to be kept in the loop and want to hear me whitening about RL etc, please post below.

Note that I will not assume that *anyone*, no matter how long we've known each other, wants to read about my blethering RL/uni, so I will only add those who ask me too.

I hope that in time I come back to writing - I really enjoy the creative outlet. But I have to be fair to myself and my work, both job and uni. I will miss the interaction with those of you who decide that IRL Chris is not for you - but I really hope that some of you stay around and enjoy the next chapter of my life.



charliecochrane September 7th, 2011
IRL Chris suits me fine. *mwah*

sborgbonnici September 7th, 2011
muahahah. Have added you. You first friend! :D

lee_rowan September 7th, 2011
Absolutely, add me! The way my work's been going lately I hardly feel like a writer anymore.

sborgbonnici September 7th, 2011
Adding! I hate the feeling of not-writing, but I just have to be realistic. Between the 17 hour working days and trips around the UK, and the uni course, I would rather spend the time with my husband then make my life more complicated by trying to fit writing in to the detriment of my relationship. Going to add you now!

aunty_marion September 7th, 2011
Oh, add me, please? RL blethering can be very interesting!

sborgbonnici September 7th, 2011
Will add - I blether well, I hope! :)

essayel September 7th, 2011
I'd much much much sooner read about IRL Chris than not read about Chris at all, if that's okay with you? *hugs*

sborgbonnici September 8th, 2011
Brilliantly okay with me *adds*

elgoose September 7th, 2011
Add me too, please. I'm here, though I don't comment much.

sborgbonnici September 8th, 2011
Oh, I understand the not commenting much - I don't either! *adds*

anderyn September 7th, 2011
Please keep me in the loop. I enjoy knowing you, and I even enjoy hearing your real life details. (Hey, I'm not sharing much about my writing right now!)

sborgbonnici September 8th, 2011
You've got a lot on right now! *adds*

baritonejeff September 7th, 2011
Absolutely, honey!

sborgbonnici September 8th, 2011
Yay! Am pleased! *adds*

lokechild September 7th, 2011
I'm totally interested in everything you say! :)

sborgbonnici September 8th, 2011
LOL! Love it - most people would run in horror at the thought! :) *adds*

jess_faraday September 7th, 2011
Add me, too, and good luck with uni!

sborgbonnici September 8th, 2011
Yay! And thanks - it's starting to appear frighteningly real!

nefernat September 7th, 2011
Please add me? I'd love to keep up with you!! You're a brave woman trying to combine your job and the PhD!! <3

sborgbonnici September 8th, 2011
It's only a masters - maybe PhD afterwards, but for now we'll do this! *adds*

belleweather September 7th, 2011
IRL you? Yes, please?

sborgbonnici September 8th, 2011
Worryingly, I feel the same about you *adds* (that is good worrying, not bad)

rikibeth September 7th, 2011
Posting! I'll put it on my iGoogle home page so I don't forget to check it.

sborgbonnici September 8th, 2011
Thanks! I have no clue how interesting it will or will not be, but glad to have you around!

mamakinn September 7th, 2011
I would love to be added if you will have me

sborgbonnici September 8th, 2011
Of course I will *adds*

stevie_carroll September 7th, 2011
I want to hear about your new adventures.

Good luck with it all!

sborgbonnici September 8th, 2011
:D Yay! I hope it is somewhat interesting.... *adds*

kcwarwick September 7th, 2011
Please add me - and I think you're making a wise decision.

sborgbonnici September 8th, 2011
Thank you - I had to think about it for quite some time - but I'd be a complete idiot to muck up Cambridge by not giving it all my extra concentration! *adds*


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