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Email to Amazon

Update: my email to amazon:

To whom it may concern.

I have been observing with interest the issue of sales rankings and searches for GLBT books over the last few days. Taken that you have now come out and explicitly stated that due to your "customer base" you will be excluding these books from your searches and rankings, I have decided to take my custom elsewhere.

If me and mine and not good enough to be equally represented on your site, then I see no need to shop through your portal.

I have sent this through my normal user account so that you can see that while my transactions may be nominal in value, they do form some part of your profit margin. I would think that during a recession, you would have been more cognisant of the fact that people are choosing very carefully where to spend their money. And I will no longer be spending it with you.

I also find it most amusing that I can easily search for and purchase hardcore pornography through your portal. Your double standards astound me.

Name redacted

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gileonnen April 12th, 2009
Wait, what? Amazon has done what with its GLBT books/other items?

If this means what I think it means, I am vastly, vastly disappointed.

chris_smith_atr April 12th, 2009
Go here for full story:

And yes. They have.

megleigh April 12th, 2009
I think this sucks. Completely.

chris_smith_atr April 12th, 2009
As in, my leaving amazon? *worries*

Tell me your work is available elsewhere?

lord_smeg April 12th, 2009
Hi, I was directed to your post by a friend.

I would point out one grammatical flaw in your letter.

"If me and mine and not good enough to be equally represented on your site, then I see no need to shop through your portal."

I think you meant to say 'If me and mine are not good enough'.

Thank you for raising this as an issue though - if all adult material is to be removed, fine - so long as it's on a consistent basis across the board.

Better yet would've been to simply include a warning that indicates mature content not suitable for minors.

chris_smith_atr April 12th, 2009
Thanks for pointing that out, I dashed it off in a right flurry of fury.

Thing is, it is not just the mature content. What really infuriates me is the fact they're pulling the Young Adult stuff. I mean, I can get my kicks where I want, seriously over the age of 18, but what sort of message does this send out to the questioning kids? Just seems very very wrong.

Please excuse all grammatical errors ;)

(Deleted comment)
chris_smith_atr April 12th, 2009
Well my mother always told me: "If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well."

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
toneils April 12th, 2009
I sent off an angry email as well.

I encourage everyone who is boycotting Amazon to sign in to their user accounts and LET AMAZON KNOW that we've taken our business to their competitors.

chris_smith_atr April 12th, 2009
Yes. I completely concurr.

It's kind of exploded though - at no 1 ranking in twitter at the moment.

synekdokee April 12th, 2009
Here through copperbadge. Wtf Amazon? Wtf. I just sent a fairly miffed email to them.

Is this just the .com branch, or is doing the same?

chris_smith_atr April 12th, 2009
Apparently both, but in a very haphazard way. Have a look at meta_writer for updates. :)

annlarimer April 12th, 2009
Hear via Twitter. Thank you for posting. Have written a letter of my own.

chris_smith_atr April 12th, 2009
Most welcome, and thank you.

sassy_fae April 12th, 2009
Here via a series of links!
I spotted an idea that someone had for getting Amazon's attention regarding their very irritated potential customers, and wanted to pass it along, as I saw you were looking for ways of making one's voice heard:

chris_smith_atr April 12th, 2009
Thank you!

(Deleted comment)
chris_smith_atr April 12th, 2009
By all means, go ahead. Never expected it to spiral like this. Gives me faith in people. And thank you for passing the message on.

chilayse April 13th, 2009
Yes the links are spreading. Your letter is awesome. My friends and I don't even purchase any glbt books and we're still boycotting amazon at least until they fix it and apologize. Censorship like this is just wrong.

chris_smith_atr April 13th, 2009
Thank you very much!

crashtestcase April 13th, 2009
I sent off an e-mail as well. I live in Seattle, my first job here was at the Amazon HQ 6 years ago, I use AmazonFresh and Amazon regularly. I emailed them tonight to let them know that I will no longer be using their services.

chris_smith_atr April 13th, 2009
Thank you.

conuly April 13th, 2009

You can stop boycotting them. It was, after all, Nothing But a Glitch, and we're all Very Silly for Getting Carried Away.

Bunch of fucking liars, but it's hysterical nonetheless. No idea how they're spinning the emails already sent out, though.

chris_smith_atr April 13th, 2009
Apparently they are doing an ostrich on them and pretending they never existed. Thanks!

silver_kiden April 13th, 2009
i'm glad everything worked out, if it hadn't, i would have recommended banding together with other authors who's rankings had been removed and looking into a class action lawsuit, for discrimination leading to loss of income, or some such. also, many bookstores have their own website, such as and which are two of the largest in the US, though i don't know about other countries.

chris_smith_atr April 13th, 2009
Thank you - am still quite amused that Amazon is blaming a computer glitch and ignoring the emails it sent out.

straycat_cayra April 13th, 2009
Okay, after finding out Amazon germany is involved as well, I'm setting to getting this public here NOW.

chris_smith_atr April 13th, 2009
Thank you.

maricelt April 13th, 2009
wow... I was sent here by a friend's link. And, ow. So canceled my latest order, and sent off an email. I'm just floored.

chris_smith_atr April 13th, 2009
Its very interesting, isn't it? Just. Wow.

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