Rather than drive everyone mad

Rather than drive everyone mad with my insane panic, I will post one gorgeous video that had me smiling.

God I love Rugby. And Singing. And people being silly.

It shall be known

That erastes is a horrible enabler, and I wuv her.

This is brought to you by a super-bunny that works within what I actually KNOW and LOVE.

Good god. I may start being productive and writey again.

3.5 months. God, wonder what the daily wordcount would have to be.

5x17 = 85,000

Okay, 1000 words, 5 days a week for 17 weeks.

It can be done. Must be done. After that, I'm not going to be able to work on it until April.


I have committed fiction

In a frightening turn up for the books, I have committed fiction. To be precise, 2,600 words of unmitigated schmoop. Now, to see if it finds a home.



PS. also got tattoo done – artist was brilliant. photos to follow when clingfilm is removed.


No news on the mumps – they did not have enough time to sort the serum out, but the bloodcount came back okay (yay, because that would have been the more serious to have something wrong with).

Spent the morning watching the royal wedding, really loved it. Only teared up when the spitfire, lancaster bomber, and hurricane went past though – I tend to get all goopy when anything commemorating wars appears.

Now thinking about how I will sort out this study room to have hopeful space for a drawing board as well as the oodles of crap I have in here already.



Another Quick Update

Sorry for the bullet-point formulation:

  • Am lurking at home – may or may not have mumps – have had blood drawn and will know the results later today. Stupid body persists in falling over. *smack*
  • Work is going okay – have some good training next week, which makes me happy. Very interested in the new software, it’s a paradigm shift (in the right direction) from where we are now.
  • Presuming I don’t have mumps, or rubella, or some sort of abnormal bloodcount, I will get my new tattoo on Saturday. Very extremely completely and utterly well hidden. I have a bit of a thing about keeping tattoos hidden, they’re so intensely personal to me, It would be like walking around without clothes on. (Yes, I know I’m odd)
  • The reason I’m hopefully not mumpy and getting the tattoo this Saturday is… I GOT INTO UNI!!!! Am waiting on the “letter of intent” to get the ball rolling with work and to get my new baby (macbook pro, with letter of intent, get discount!) and then in about 8 weeks, I will have formal confirmation. Am so super excited, it hurts.
  • I have an 8 page 2 column 6pt reading list. This makes me happy.

So, other than being defective and possibly mumpy, life is good.



PS. Am going to do comments over the weekend. Yes, I know I’m awful, but I’m sleeping 20 hours a day for the last 5 days. Slightly scary but seem to be coming backish to normal.

Game of thrones

Makes me lol. Forgot the bits across the narrow sea were filmed in Malta! V disconcerting, all wrapped up in a story and then suddenly places you used to get drunk appear, with naked ppl and horses. Distinctly do not remember those!

Quick update

Not much going on at the moment - quite busy with work, we have another round of redundancies and everything is up in the air at the moment so a wee bit not-good until it's all settled. Have my uni interview on Thursday, which is a slight bit terrifying. Other than that, lounging around at home with a hideously upset stomach/body/etc. Think it is probably stress related pain. On the other hand, the husband has a new job, 4miles from home, and in charge of his own unit.

Can't wait for the 4 day weekend. Hopefully will be a nice celebratory thing. At least, if everything goes completely pear shaped, having uni already sorted will be helpful if new job required.

Hope all going well for all of you.



 Question... *and yes, I am an idiot who is terminally confused* .... what is the difference between Tumblr (new thing to me) and facebook, twitter, and LJ/wordpress.... Am v. confused and debating signing up for one but can't see what the difference is?

New LJ Policy

 Am now allowed to check LJ at work. YAY. However this means that I will now defriend people who don't put NSFW items beneath a cut... torsos should be okay, penii... no.

Hope that is nice and clear.


Loving it!

 Brilliant April Fools on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/profile/view


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